Reaper Legion

Jenova's Witness

Your local speakeasy where you can speak, easy.Immersive Roleplay
Jenova, Mists - Ward 7 - Plot 52


The MAfia

The Reaper Legion is the Mists' local Mafia, handling illegal smuggling and assassinations when hired. Within their free time, they open doors for business, granting a safe space for those who wish to discuss confidential matters where ears of authority do not pry.


The Back Alley

(Room 4)The Back Alley is located behind the venue, supplying the venue's stock of alcohol and food products.
In addition, the venue's restroom is present within the facility for the clients convenience.
Expect staff to visit this location at times when requiring goods from the storage room.Mafia members would occassionally gather in the alley when dealing with problematic customers or when waiting for imported goods.Should Clients be in need of a far more confidential location to speak in private, the back alley is the perfect place to converse in without the fear of being overheard.


Jenova's Witness proudly affiliates itself with the respectful businesses:

The Cozy Treehouse - Supplying intel trades and knowledge vice-versa with Reaper Legion.
Carina's Heart - Providing Musical services at times and is partnered in advertising the Witness on their lines of private communication.
Sakura Parlor - Partnered in advertising the Witness on their lines of private communication.

The Bullet-In Board